Imp Carbon petty with desert ironwood handle. One of my favorite styles to make and use, a small nimble petty. This one has a desert ironwood handle with black paper liners, one visible pin in the front, and two hidden towards the rear. It's a light, thin knife with a [...]



Antares Carbon chef's knife with a classic take on the handle and profile In my heart I have a soft spot for Japanese style knives - they're what inspired me to pursue this whole crazy in the first place. My comfort zone is doing crazy bold shapes though, I hesitate [...]



Duke Carbon chef's knife with a black and orange theme One of my more classic shapes with a slight variation - it has a longer but narrower handle, and the taper on the handle only goes partway. This pushes the balance slight a little further back than my usual knives [...]



Gungnir Stainless Damasteel blade with a minimalist handle of black paper micarta and silver lightning strike carbon fiber This is the first big piece of the year, one that I've been fighting for months. It [...]

Black March


Black March Black patina, black paper micarta, black G10, and brass pins A special piece, themed after two things. Black March represents this past month, because March of 2020 was dark for a large part of the world. The second reference is a fair bit nerdier, inspired by Tower of [...]



Enki Large carbon nakiri with a wenge and Elforyn handle Larger sized nakiri of carbon steel and a handle of wenge and Elforyn (synthetic ivory substitute). This blade is inbetween the size of a usual nakiri and a legitimate Chinese cleaver. It features a much thinner grind than my usual [...]



Elemental Carbon gyuto with a dyed red burl handle Medium weight all-purpose gyuto with a slightly taller profile. Balance point is right where my signature ends. The handle is a beautiful red dyed burl from IronwoodMan with hidden internal pins. Steel: 52100 (carbon steel) Edge Length: 250mm (9.84") Height: 56mm [...]



Skadi Stainless petty with black and olive canvas micarta This is a thin, nimble knife, with an extra slim handle featuring the "nib" design. Steel: RWL34 (stainless steel) Edge Length: 193mm (7.60") Height: 38mm (1.50") Handle Length: 125mm (4.92") Thickness at ricasso (in front of handle): 2.56mm (0.101") Weight: 123g [...]



Naiad Stainless petty with Elforyn and dyed box elder. This is a flat profile petty with a thin grind. With the slightly larger handle (relative to the blade), the balance ends up being closer [...]



Nighthawk Carbon gyuto with a solid carbon fiber handle and damascus front spacer. This is a special piece available right before the Holiday season. It's a Black Series workhorse with a solid carbon fiber handle [...]