Earthen Stainless Nakiri Thin nakiri with slim handle. Blade is stainless with a mild S-grind. Handle is ironwood burl with sapwood front and knotted center section, with a lightning strike carbon fiber bolster piece. Steel: Nitro-V (stainless steel) Handle: Lightning Strike carbon fiber, desert ironwood burl Edge Length: 165mm (6.49") Height: [...]



Luminosity Carbon steel gyuto with a traditional octagonal handle shape Traditional shapes with modern materials. This is a large flat profiled gyuto with an octagonal handle composed of Black Diamond Richlite and seafoam green G10. The Richlite is similar to paper micarta; it's clean, it's solid, but there is more [...]



Kimono Carbon gyuto with a multipiece handle A new creative take on a nice sized gyuto. The handle started as something more minimal, and then grew to become a slight exploration in lines and shapes. Steel: 52100 (carbon steel) Handle: Stabilized koa, ivory paper micarta, black canvas micarta Edge Length: 220mm [...]



Silver Signature Series gyuto with a subtle touch of texalium. Steel: 52100 (carbon steel) Handle: Black paper micarta, silver carbon fiber (texalium), hidden pins Edge Length: 242mm (9.52") Height: 51mm (2.00") Handle Length: 140mm (5.51") Thickness at ricasso (in front of handle): 2.81mm (0.111") Weight: 229g $2500 + Shipping To purchase [...]



Ganymede Wide K-Tip Gyuto with a special Carbon Fiber handle A flat, wide gyuto with a thin overall grind. This blade is meant for someone who really prefers push/pull cuts. The handle shape is one I've been working on for a long time, refining the lines and facets more with [...]




EVA The biggest and baddest. My most insane work.⁠ Almost two years in the works, on and off. This was a collaboration piece between @halcyonforge and I - we talked about doing a big slicer and Joe forged out this one. It's three layers of Cru Forge V forge welded [...]



Corona One year project, inspired by the beginning of COVID19. Inspired in March, 2020. I don't always choose to try designing something from something so dark, but sometimes there's such a large impact that it's the only thing on your mind. The idea of trying to shape the mitigation curves [...]



Athena The most classic style knife I've done. This is one of the most traditional handle designs I've done. It's my take on an octagon, with a couple subtle tapers in the front, and some pretty elegant materials. The multipiece handle has hidden alignment pins to keep everything together and [...]

Prototype 1.1


Design Series Prototype 1.1 Smaller chef's knives with a minimal designs, in olive or black canvas micarta. These are the last of the Prototype 1.0 knives that earlier this year as an exercise and practice in workflow and timing. The design and overall build are aimed at making a [...]



Hesperides A medium sized carbon gyuto A signature gyuto with one of my favorite handle themes, ivory micarta with a warm toned wood. The afzelia burl has some pretty beautiful figure and a subtle two tone. Steel: 52100 (carbon steel) Handle: Afzelia burl, ivory paper micarta Edge Length: 214mm (8.42") [...]

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