The Thorn


Thorn Carbon gyuto with a resin cast handle A new knife available. This is a thinner blade than my usual, leaning almost towards laser territory. It isn't a true laser that some of you may consider (I don't [...]



SNERK 2017 One of my first Western style handles ever, this knife was a milestone build that led to all the new designs I've been working on since then. I had been doing my original tapered hexagon shape for years but wanted to venture [...]

Tohu and Bohu


Tohu and Bohu 2019 Will Manning of Heartwood Forge and I have talked about a possible collaboration since I think when I first met him at Blade Show years ago. Finally last year we decided to actually start a project; he would do [...]



Ankaa 2017 This build was inspired by ABS Mastersmith Mike Quesenberry, who is renowned for his integral knives. I wanted to create a similar feel with this knife, and although it's not an integral, it features an elforyn frame that is a sort of [...]

Kaiju and Tima


Kaiju and Tima 2016 These two knives were made for a sushi chef in Oregon, one of my favorite people in the world. The bubblewrap stainless damascus was made by Devin Thomas, and provided by the client for the project. He had been saving [...]



Agni 2016 This is a classic paring of themes on a workhorse kitchen knife. I wanted to expand on my new handle design with the combination of W2 and koa. Often the combination can seem overused and overdone, and I wanted to make a [...]