Project Description


A thin vegetable knife

A vegetable cleaver that I’ve been meaning to do but it’s taken me nine years to get to. It’s not a full-sized Chinese style cleaver, it’s slightly smaller than the traditional versions. Even then, the grinding and finishing of this blade was significantly more arduous than any other normal sized blade we do. The large surface area simply increases the time for everything, from rough grinding, getting the final geometry clean, and hand finishing it out.

The handle is my new take on an octagon; I’ll be adding it to my repertoire.

Steel: 52100 (carbon steel)

Handle: Ivory paper, black shredded carbon fiber spacer, curly koa

Edge Length: 180mm (7.08″)

Height: 76mm (2.99″)

Handle Length: 120mm (4.72″)

Thickness at ricasso (in front of handle): 3.91mm (0.154″)

Weight: 288g

$3600 + Shipping [SOLD!]

To purchase the knife, please send me an email at confirming you’d like to take it with your shipping address. Accepted method of payment is wire transfer.

Make sure you are aware of the care required for carbon steels (it’s straight-forward, just wipe it after cutting something, hand wash, and wipe dry before storing. It will get a patina through normal use). This is also a pretty thin knife overall, with a very thin edge. It must be used with care. No bone splitting, no heavy chopping, no fruit ninja practice.