Project Description


One year project, inspired by the beginning of COVID19.

Inspired in March, 2020.

I don’t always choose to try designing something from something so dark, but sometimes there’s such a large impact that it’s the only thing on your mind. The idea of trying to shape the mitigation curves into the handle came along with using lightning strike carbon fiber because of the grid-like pattern. It nearly worked, but the final shaping ended up being too complex for me to try to complete.

To me, it’s still the knife that was inspired by Coronavirus, even if that idea didn’t work out completely. The knife was finished one year afterwards.

Steel: 52100 (carbon steel)

Handle: Lightning Strike carbon fiber, black paper frame

Edge Length: 248mm (9.76″)

Height: 50mm (1.96″)

Handle Length: 140mm (5.51″)

Thickness at ricasso (in front of handle): 3.80mm (0.149″)

Weight: 213g

$3600 + Shipping [SOLD!]

To purchase the knife, please send me an email confirming you’d like to take it with your shipping address. Preferred method of payment is wire transfer.

Make sure you are aware of the care required for carbon steels (it’s straight-forward, just wipe it after cutting something, hand wash, and wipe dry before storing. It will get a patina through normal use). This is also a slim handle so be sure that you’re comfortable with using thin handles. For a slicer used mainly in pinch grip it feels natural to me, but if you prefer some extra chonk or like to hold the handle more rearward, this may not be the right knife for you.