Project Description


Stainless Damasteel blade with a minimalist handle of black paper micarta and silver lightning strike carbon fiber

This is the first big piece of the year, one that I’ve been fighting for months. It started as a simple idea, one to have a minimal handle paired with the very powerful looking Damasteel Odin Heim blade, but ended up with multiple handle failures and countless readjustments. The sketch was simple enough, but the execution was… very different.

The blade is a medium weight grind on a large 270mm length. If you have the board space, this is a great all-around grind for home use or in a professional kitchen. Not too heavy, not too dainty. The balance is right at my middle name in the signature, which is right where I would pinch the blade.

The handle is black paper micarta on the outsides and on the frame, with silver lightning strike carbon fiber liners to act as “racing stripes” (I just call it that because it’s fancier sounding and, well, I like race cars). The five layers in the handle are assembled together using hidden pins in the rear and the front to keep everything together. The raised nib on the side of the handle is fairly transparent and you don’t really notice it while holding and using the knife at all. It’s a small aesthetic detail, but in some cases it can also help with an indexing feel while holding it.

Steel: RWL34/PMC27 (stainless damascus from Damasteel)

Edge Length: 274mm (10.78″)

Handle Length: 143mm (5.62″)

Thickness at ricasso (in front of handle): 3.46mm (0.136″)

Weight: 277g

$4000 + Shipping [SOLD!]

To purchase the knife, please respond to the NEWSLETTER email confirming you’d like to take it with your shipping address and payment ready.