Project Description


Stainless small gyuto with a black paper handle with subtle wenge liners

This one is a bit different from my norm. I usually like making really big, sleek knives, but a shorter gyuto is honestly really nice to use in almost every circumstance. It’s almost like a tall petty. This one is made of RWL34, a stainless steel that holds an edge well and is still pretty easy to sharpen.

The grind is hard to describe, but it tapers heavily from a medium weight grind at the heel to a very thin geometry towards the tip. On the shorter profile it makes it feel lighter than it is, but still feels nice because of the thicker spine where you pinch it.

Steel: RWL-34 (stainless steel)

Handle: Black Paper Micarta, Wenge Liners, Hidden Pins

Edge Length: 169mm (6.65″)

Height: 50mm (1.96″)

Handle Length: 126mm (4.96″)

Thickness at ricasso (in front of handle): 3.96mm (0.156″)

Weight: 194g

$2500 + Shipping [SOLD!]

To purchase the knife, please respond to the NEWSLETTER email confirming you’d like to take it with your shipping address. Preferred method of payment is wire transfer.