Project Description


Carbon gyuto with a solid carbon fiber handle and damascus front spacer.

This is a special piece available right before the Holiday season. It’s a Black Series workhorse with a solid carbon fiber handle and a front spacer made from a damascus piece I got from Will Brigham (The Artificery) years ago. It’s a slightly beefy grind with the balance more forward than my usual work, even with the heavier handle material. The blacked out finish aids to establish a preliminary patina, but with regular use it will keep developing a patina additionally over it.

The handle features a museum (also known as heirloom) fit between the front piece and the carbon fiber. This is done partially for looks and challenge, but also for changes in temperature and humidity. Normally handles with flush fits will shift over time and result in a very harsh transition, but this subtle stepped fit is one solution to that problem. Plus, it does look and feel nice.

The carbon fiber handle is a single piece that’s drilled, broached, and then bedded onto the tang for a tight fit before it’s all finalized and glued; this is to ensure the components fit tight against each other and index the same exact way as it’s shaped up. The shape overall is a new variation on my Western hidden tang shapes, but with extra faceting and in my opinion, better visual flow. It’s also just as comfortable as any of my other handles.

Steel: 52100 (carbon steel)

Edge Length: 262mm (10.31″)

Handle Length: 135mm (5.31″)

Thickness at ricasso (in front of handle): 3.88mm (0.153″)

Weight: 263g

$4000 + Shipping [SOLD!]

To purchase the knife, please respond to the NEWSLETTER email confirming you’d like to take it with your shipping address and payment ready.