Project Description

Design Series Prototype 1.0

Smaller chef’s knives with a minimal design build.

Here we are, the first step into a journey I’ve wanted to start for many years. These are the first small batch of prototypes for my Design Series, a project to start making more affordable knives. Right now all the knives we make are one-off, done by hand, and they each take a significantly long time; it’s inherently in the design and in the details that they are so time expensive.

The long term goal is to start being able to offer more knives, at a more accessible price. Time and experience will tell how exactly those details will work out, but these knives are the first venture into that project. They feature smaller chef’s knife profiles with minimalistic handle.

These ones are still all made and finished by hand, but they’re an exercise in simplified design and definitely an exercise in workflow between me and Sam in the workshop. While they’re not going to be 100% representative of the final Design Series knives, they’re a huge step forward.

Steel: 52100 (carbon steel)

Handle: Black G10 with hidden pins

Edge Length: ~180mm (~7.00″)

Height: 50mm (1.96″)

$1500 + Shipping [SOLD OUT!]

To purchase a knife, please respond to the newsletter email confirming you’d like to take one with your shipping address. Preferred method of payment is wire transfer.

Make sure you are aware of the care required for carbon steels (it’s straight-forward, just wipe it after cutting something, hand wash, and wipe dry before storing. It will get a patina through normal use).