Project Description

Tohu and Bohu


Will Manning of Heartwood Forge and I have talked about a possible collaboration since I think when I first met him at Blade Show years ago. Finally last year we decided to actually start a project; he would do up one of his steels, and I would match my aesthetics as best as I could to what I thought was quintessentially Will.⁣

Will has a very distinct look, there’s an atmosphere to it. It’s not super high-tech, it’s not super chic, but when you look at his work, it feels like you’re you’ve stepped into a refreshed dream world of your childhood home and your mom is cooking you your favorite comfort food.⁣ For these blades, he did W2 for the core, 416 stainless for the jackets, and nickel in between.

I wanted to compliment his style as best I could rather than just slapping on one of my handles. I spent months playing with the design to use a series of curves throughout and chose to use desert ironwood burl.

Price: $4000 [Sold]

The names of the knives are a reference to an online novel.